PhoneGap and Jquery Mobile – A Truly Winning Combination

Published on Sep 11, 2012 by Jamie Munro

Any regular readers may have noticed that I finally got around to updating and adding a new book under "My Books" on the right-hand side of the screen.  Yes, I not-so recently published my third book (and second with O'Reilly) earlier this year.

The book is called 20 Recipes for Programming PhoneGap – Cross-Platform Mobile Development for Android and iPhone.  Throughout this book, I get you up and running quickly using the PhoneGap API along with the Jquery Mobile API to take care of the pesky mobile design issues.

Much like I did when I released my MVC 3.NET book, I provided a free chapter from the book for my readers.  Well here is an excellent recipe sample from my PhoneGap book.  The goal of this recipe is to provide a standard approach to automatically fire (or trigger) a JavaScript function when a PhoneGap page has loaded – either on initial launch or after the user has navigated within the application.

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Random Funny Technology Videos

Published on Jan 27, 2011 by Jamie Munro

I was surfing the Interweb recently and came across some cool/funny videos that I thought I would share:

Amazing iPod Trick

This video turns a black iPod into a white iPod.  I'm not sure if I would personally want to try this, but it sure looks cool afterwords.

Roombas Hack to Play Pac-Man

Excellent use of a vacuum and great way to promote it's cleaning skills by "finding" dirt.

Image Translating iPhone App

This is one of the coolest apps ever.  Show a road sign or some picture with words and watch it translate the text in the image for you right on your iPhone!

Facebok Profile Picture Hack Tutorial

The new profile displays pictures from your last album on the top of your profile, watch this video to make it a sequence of photos splitting your features across multiple images.

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iPhone Apps Randomly Crashing?

Published on Feb 4, 2010 by Jamie Munro

Today at work I was advancing one of our iPhone applications.  It's a pretty basic application, has a menu which displays some data from the web via XML; all of that fun stuff.

On occasion, I would try to push a view controller and the application would randomly crash, e.g.:

-(void) showMainMenu {

[mainNavigationController pushViewController:mainMenuViewController animated:YES];


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ActivityIndicator with a UIWebView

Published on Apr 15, 2009 by Jamie Munro

Because you can never be sure how long it will take to retrieve content from a web page and have it displayed on the iPod/iPhone, it's quite nice to provide the user with an indication that the content is being retrieved.

The following article provides a nice and easy way to start and stop and animation indicator when the content is being retrieved and has been loaded.

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Reset UINavigationController

Published on Apr 6, 2009 by Jamie Munro

The following is a neat little trick to reset your navigation controller when it is integrated with UITabBarController.

The following code will pop the navigation controller up when the user clicks on your tab bar item.  I'll begin by showing a bit of code that needs to take place.  It's going to be a quick overview of this to focus on the main function to reset the navigation controller.

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Scroll a UIWebView

Published on Apr 4, 2009 by Jamie Munro

Transparent UIWebView

Published on Apr 2, 2009 by Jamie Munro